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Welcome to The Mission Self Advocacy Group Home Page

The Mission Self Advocacy Group

           is made up of people with intellectual disabilities.





Mission Self Advocacy Group, Brochure,



Our monthly meetings takes place the 3rd Tuesday of the month

Now at our new location is Van City Credit Union

located at Unit #150-32555 London Avenue Mission BC

(Junction Mall)

 (no meetings in July, August or December



click on map below for direction.

to Van City Credit Union




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Mission Self Advocacy Group Meeting February 18th,2020

Mission Self Advocacy Group Meeting

Date February 18th,2020

Time 5:30pm to 7:30pm

At Van City Credit Union Community Room at Mission Junction Mall

Address: #150, 32555

London Ave #150,



You are going  to get a call from Jessica and Shea let you know week before meeting so reminder pick up the phone when they call you  and check your email those have email about meeting taking place if unable make it let Arlene and Bryce know wont be able come to meeting.

TOPICS of discussion one is Pub Night Fundraiser March 21st,2020 at 14th Pub as well talk about Representation Agreements what is it . once i get more topics to discussion be on agenda for now only pub night discussion and Rep Agreements are on agenda k see all in February



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Bryce And Dawn presentation to Mission City Council for International Day of Persons with Disabilities that is Dec 3rd,2019

The Mission Self-Advocacy Group & Mission Association for Community Living brought to Council Dec 2nd,2019  an overview of accessibility, the need for new and existing services in Mission, and the importance of recognizing those living with disability in our community. December 3rd was proclaimed by Council as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities


You can watch video from Dec 2nd City Council meeting 

Bryce President of MSAG and Dawn Macl Executive Director Presentation to City Council about International Day for Persons with Disabilities Dec 3rd,2019



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MACL Mosiac Newsletter Volume 8 Issue 4, November 2019


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Joe Rikley Memorial Bench Walkathon





 The Mission Self Advocates Walkathon that was held at Fraser River Heritage Park in Mission on Saturday Oct 19th at 10 am.   We raised $440.00 dollars today. And our total to date as of today is $1,175.60 . Our goal is $3,250.00

Despite having Muscular Dystrophy Joe carried on each day with a smile, endless enthusiasm and a full heart. He was an active volunteer in the Community was recipient of the Against All Odds Award. Joe was a Past President of the Mission Self Advocacy Group. He also was best DJ that alot people just loved his music every where Joe went to he then went on to create his DJ business called DJ Wheels that he called his business . Joe  enjoyed participating in many events in and around Mission.

His love for kids that wanted to support in that were disadvantaged his heritage by making songs for kids he wanted help in hope freedom of kids and youth went to Indian Friendship center downtown mission to DJ for them Joe kind guy his passion love of who he meets is what makes Joe so strong cares alot for everyone he man of honesty despite Muscular Dystrophy  it did not stop him for what he wanted to do in his life Joe enjoy going to Fraser River Heritage Park was one of Joe’s favorite places to visit.

Our Members and family members of Joe Rikley came together and wanted to get  a bench in his name so family, friends and colleges  can come and grieve and remember Joe for who he was. We all love him so raising funds for a bench to be placed at Heritage Park in Mission

Thank you Pam Alexis Mission Mayor for your donation of $25.00 to our cause and  supporting our cause and came out to our event.

And thank you to everyone who participated in the walkathon today, we raised $440.00 dollars, we now have a total of $1,175.60.    

The top 4 donations were raised today is by:

1. Dan Catarig

2. Shawn Ferland

3. Laura Swindlehurst

4. Angela Howard

 Thank you to everyone who contributed & braved the cool weather.  Everyone felt Joe was with us in spirit ensuring we had a dry walk.

Here some pictures from the day at Heritage Park that walked with us in Walkathon





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My road to the big shiny L sign

Written by Dan Catarig

I was interested in cars since I was a little kid. I remember playing with toy cars for hours.

I was very inventive and I diversified the play very often.

I looked at the wheels of the cars riding fast on the highway or slowing down on the driveways.

I even asked for help to build a multi level parking garage out of cardboard.

After a while I became bored and I found a low coffee table with a glass surface.

I poured water on the table and pretended it was a rainy day.

I moved the cars on the table, one after another, and I looked at the track the car left through the water.

You can imagine that the water spilled on the floor more than once so I had to clean the mess!

All my family members and some of my friends knew about my passion and they bought me different toy vehicles: ambulance, police car, fire truck, motorcycles, race cars.

Because I had these types of cars I even imagined vehicle accidents; pile ups due to fog, cars in flames all with the sirens.

The time flew by. I decided to sell my box of cars when I was 10 years old . I made a young boy very happy and I was happy too.

I moved forward to the next phase of my passion and the internet was a source of information where I could find a lot of car brands.

I looked up car prices, the best dealerships, how many km/h different cars can get up to and so on. I became good at recognizing the brand of the cars on the road.

By the time I was 17 years old I started learning the rules of the road. It wasn’t as easy as I thought in the beginning.

I read the whole book and I practiced doing tests on the ICBC website. It took me more than one year to get above 80%. After a while I got higher than 90% most of the time .

This February I went to ICBC office and I took the knowledge test and I got 88%! This was a passing mark, so a big shiny L (for Learner) sign is mine! It pays off to work hard and

to make my dream come true.


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Tom’s Tell All My Employment Journey

Our Group Vice President Story on http://www.selfadvocatenet.com

By Tom Hanna

I got my first job in 1999 in Quesnel. I worked there till 2004. I worked for a company called Quesnel Day Program.

I collected paper and other recyclables from various businesses and disposed of it for them.

I enjoyed working with most of my coworkers because we got along really well.

I was happy to be working and I liked the feeling of being included in my community.

When I got my first paycheque I felt ecstatic. I bought some games and saved the rest.

I used to have a cleaning job at Mission Association for Community Living from 2005 till 2014.

I use to clean Bridge and ISS and also Rutledge house.

Some of my duties included mopping, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning floors and also windows, sinks, toilets and desks.

From February – April 2014 I worked for Liberty Tax Service part time. I was the marketing mascot who welcomed new customers.

I am presently employed at Pro Oil and Sleep Depot. I began working at these jobs in 2014.

At Sleep depot some of my duties include sign holding and deliveries on Saturdays.

My boss says I have become an important part of the Sleep Depot’s team. “Tom is always willing to try new things.

His job now includes sign waving and delivery helper.

Tom is always on time with a smile on his face.”  Arlene, my other boss, says that I am a great help, she really enjoys working with “Money Bags”.

I am good at learning new tasks and a fun jokester.

From 2007 – present I have volunteered for the Mission City Outlaws Junior Hockey as a security person and a referee assisting with goal judging.

The President/Manager gave a reference that stated I was neat and tidy and that I could multi-task.

He also said I was friendly while I greeted fans and checked tickets at the door and that I never let them down.

An other colleague said that I was a dedicated worker for the Mission Ice Breakers from 2007-2012.

My employer said, “Tom was a good employee that loved his job as a goal judge.

I would love him to come on board in any adventure. Tom is a great guy!

From 2012 – present I have volunteered for the Mission Baseball Challengers team assisting the coach at practices with improving players’ skills and set up and take down.

The coach gave me a reference that stated I was a nice easy going mentor for the younger players on the team.

He also said I have positive attitude and I help out with variety of tasks.

Some of the skills I have acquired are a WHMIS certificate and Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid.

When I was a janitor I needed to have my WHMIS which is Workplace Hazardous Material Information Sheet.

Having a job has made me more independent and I like getting a pay cheque every week.

I save money from my pay cheques for trips and travel. Last year for the first time I took a cruise to Alaska with staff support.

The 2nd time my friends and I went on our own.

I am currently saving for a ps4.

I feel like working has made me more social and I have support from family and friends.

Working has made me more confident and strong and I am always learning new things.

Before being employed life was just ok. Working is worth it and you can do it too! I didn’t know how much better life could be with a job.

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Joe Rikley Memorial Bench Fund


WE need your help to fund park bench at Heritage Park in Mission B.C.

Our dear friend we lost Joe Rikley in his honor if can help fund be great

Against all odds despite the Challenges of

Muscular Dystrophy .

Joe carried on each day with a smile, endless enthusiasm and a full heart.

He was an active volunteer in the Community and enjoyed participating in many events in and around Mission.Joe’s family and friends would like see a memorial bench placed at Fraser River Heritage Park in his honor.

heritageHeritage Park was one of Joe’s Favorite places to visit. He is loved and missed by so many, it Would be nice to have a place for us all to go to and sit to remember Joe.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.

For more information Please email Jeff or Shannon Arnold at  shannonarnold77@gmail.com

If preferred cheques can be made out to Mission Self Advocacy Group Thank you

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The Mission Self Advocacy Group would like to thank the Mission Community Foundation & the James Patty Foundation


The Mission Self Advocacy Group would like to thank the Mission Community Foundation & the James Patty Foundation for approving a grant of $500.00 for their Awareness 2017 Project.  The Group will also contribute $300.00 towards the project.  The funding will go towards the Group designing a banner made up and new brochures.  In addition, the Group will host an information booth in Community in the coming months.

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Interview With An Inspiring Special Olympian on Spill Ur Beanz Episode 15

this interview was on spill ur beanz show that is from abbotsford bc that broadcast the show on national tv on joytv on saturdays at 3pm check it out there link to their website click on picture above

Founder and president of Mission Self Advocacy Group Bryce Schaufelberger

is here to share his inspiring story

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  • Mission Self Advocacy Group Meeting February 18th,2020 December 30, 2019
    Mission Self Advocacy Group Meeting Date February 18th,2020 Time 5:30pm to 7:30pm At Van City Credit Union Community Room at Mission Junction Mall Address: #150, 32555 London Ave #150,   You are going  to get a call from Jessica and…Read more ›